1. I personally think… He has a little bird talking in his ear and he "GAMBLES" on what he hears, he thinks he knows people when in reality anyone who would know would see him as a joke and a tool to be used… If he was right we would all be calling him brilliant.
    He is a gambler… bad trait for an investor channel. He also loves the spotlight and takes every chance he gets to make fun of Coin Bureau because he is losing in the sub game.. brings out the real him.. All bad traits!

  2. Hello everyone. Did anyone invest in the $Bhat token? It appears to be fantastic, and it's the only cryptocurrency of 2021 with a strong use case. Let's go to the moon, people!

  3. That split second hint though! Flippers don't pay enough attention to understand the 99.9% E rt. But the true citizens will! Loving the Nirvana/ Valhalla of the east reference as well. Nirvana, VOTE, multiple games with Valhalla, odin asgardians Valhalla. Geez I love how layered your guys' hints are!

  4. lets be honest- all bitboy does is shock and awe- click bait title- etc. his announcement is just to get attention- when proven wrong he will gaslight and claim he was always bullish- its his mo

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