1. He's painful to listen to….he can't string a sentence together without 4 or 5 "ums"…plus misleading title as others have said.

  2. I really feel left aside hearing and seeing several testimonies from people on profits they make from Bitcoin/Forex Investment. Can someone recommend a good expert that trade on my behalf and generate profit for me.

  3. Stock is the oldest online market we have done in the past years, We employ it because of the highest quality services it renders and how successful it is, today we now say crypto currency too, I'm just saying that people should develop the habit of investing.really helpful in life,,,…..

  4. VERASITY VRA, low cap hidden gem 💎 , with excellent use case still early to buy 10 to  50 x this year gonna make millionaires don't miss this chance.😊💢💯💥💫👌👌👌👌

  5. Crypto currency investment has been the highest currency for trading , I have been trading yet am still having looses. Please can someone recommend a good broker for me, I really need an assistance

  6. Luffy inu is huge look at the new Roadmap 3 more exchanges, 1 of the exchanges is really Huge ant the anime marketplace 10000 nft s in oktober and much much more so huge numbers of holders in oktober and the price will skyrocket soon

  7. I know a lot of people have a lot to say about a recession or a depression. But do you know how many years it’s been since we started hearing about it ? Over 10 years and still here we are . In just four months my portfolio has grown by $550k in raw profits, all this while a recession is imminent “. Got me wondering if imminent has two meanings to it. Do no give in to your fears people. My two cents

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