1. Do you guys NOT see the trend? There is no country that will welcome this power hungry industry. Resulting in BTC, BCH, and every other mineable coinÔÇÖs network to clog, become low, and expensive. For these reason, POS coins is going to shine! Proof of stake!

  2. There are a few key things not disclosed in the articles. Here is a fact that few people know : The demand of electricity in the province is the highest in the winter. Winters are cold like -40 degrees. Heat in the houses are mostly electricity powered and Hydro-Qu├ębec doesn't have enough power and they need to import electricity from neighbours : Boston, New York, Main, etc. During the summer, this is the opposite. Hydro exports electricity aboard because the cooling systems.
    in conclusion. I doubt that Hydro-Qu├ębec will allow mining companies in the province. Or maybe one or two.

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