1. why would silver and gold woth 10 time more .,.. u dont have a demand that explode for it … no limited supply … gold not that rare . 10k gold …. yes is fiat drop 500 % . on long term . btc .. u will never pay thing with gold … and most of u got gold paper that been sold 5 10 time .

  2. Neither one is genuine priced as suggested. Bitcoin could be the biggest crush on money investors if they decide regulations are imposed just like online taxes!
    Then precious metals will be very popular. I hope it does go to 300k. The greater chance gold/silver could become unmanipulated.

  3. Gold is Fiat! And not scarce anymore , I am not crazy.
    Listen carefully
    Because Gold is owned by government central banks, So they will never let the price of gold run high, because it will be a great asset to own , and people will stop saving in local currencies.
    Governments hold gold and sell gold certificates, or as I call it , “fiat gold.” So gold in the market is basically fiat, if the price goes up , they print more certificates,
    On average 1 onz of real gold has more than 7 owners in paper.
    They have destroyed its scarcity nature.
    So gold is basically , a kidnapped asset. It is not interesting to own , it will never be. It will never skyrocket.
    Gold is not democratic and accesible to every one.
    Gold worked in the past , but in the scheme of modern life it is dull boring and and not safe place to store value unless , you want your value depreciated by real asset inflation

  4. As Bitcoin dominance rises, investors will realize that physical gold is a fools bet. Gold and silver price are manipulated by banks and wall street crooks. Gold has been a horrible investment over the last 10 years. Bitcoin is everything gold is supposed to be but better on an order of magnitude. It is verifiably scarce, liquid, transportable across the gold in an instant. Gold is the game of old men, and the fools that listen to old men.

  5. As a forex trader it’s almost inevitable that you’re going to experience some ups and down along the way, alertness and decisiveness are both fundamental ingredients in the recipe for a successful forex trader

  6. Sell Gold Buy Silver. Silver already more than 90% claimed. Fighting over the last 10% will cause massive gains for silver. Similar to why Bitcoin has massive spikes. 5 people own 90% of bitcoin. The general population fights over 10% causing massive swings and 1000% Gains. Basic Supply / demand, Gold is just a distraction to keep us away from silver.

  7. Boomers: Why would I buy Bitcoin if its not backed by anything, it has no inherent value. Its just a bunch of 1s & 0s
    Millennials: Why buy physical gold, if I can buy the digital version. Can't send, lend, or borrow physical gold on my phone.

  8. As taxes on carbon come into force… The price of physical precious metals and bitcoin will go up in price.
    And gold refiners and producers using carbon neutral or negative processes will have physical gold of higher market value than gold from producers with high carbon process.
    (Ecological damage caused rather than simply carbon released)

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