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  2. It’s the weekend. Billionaires can only make money through crypto on the weekends as markets are closed. Crypto gets pumped, people FOMO, then get shit on Sunday night/Monday morning so hedge funds and brokerages have money to play with for the week.

    I’ll come back and update this comment tomorrow

  3. Hello everyone. I have signed up for the bundle. Steve helped me to get it. 4k isn't cheap, but if you're are a student like I am you get massive discount. This bundle of indicators is Incredible. It will definitely keep you level headed so you don't have to check your phone at silly o'clock. Much appreciated Steve. You're a man with incredible heart. Piece and love.

  4. Great info captain underdog. I have watched the videos for the new indicators. The first one I'm playing with is the FibMa. Very easy to use & understand. Going to dive into another indicator later today. The new guy I seen on the indicator videos ( I can't remember his name) did an excellent job.

  5. After watching lots of your videos I’ve come to the conclusion you know your charts but you give out very mixed signals.
    And I believe your videos are structured this way to make you buy your student bundles.
    I certainly couldn’t trade on what you say on the free clips

  6. thanks for the concise and pragmatic TA with no hyperbole. High US $, low S&P, Infrastructure legislation = short term bear, long term bull trend. I sold everything a few days ago and your analysis helps! Hoping to buy back in soon, let's see what happens! Did your TA call the last dip?

  7. Hi Steve, thank you for your valuable technical analysis video.. I have been waiting for your video every day to learn more. You are best in crypto analysis. As you offered the bundle package which is expensive for me. I wanted to learn more from u but unfortunately I can't afford it.

  8. Steve i thank the Lord for your wisdom and insite on crypto. Your channel is the best and always right on spot. Thank you. Plz let me know what your solution for money struggling dads. God bless you.

  9. Hi Steve, love all the videos! Keep up the great work teaching us and thanks for the indicators! I couldn’t wait till you came up with these! Great job! Thanks for your guidance!

  10. Thank you for slick 'n quick video, Steve. The tech add-ons, incl the glowing light where you click, is really helpful.
    Stay on the noble path. God bless us all … 🍃⚘🙏

  11. Another level headed price analysis video thank you Steve. You always bring calm to my outlook on price fluctuations in this market & I generally learn something new from every one of your vids. Keep up the outstanding work mate.

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