1. I don’t care about people avoiding taxes, you’d be a fool if you don’t try to pay as little as possible. But what I do have a problem with is politicians who are actively increasing taxes on middle and lower class and are always talking about how everybody should pay their fair share, are avoiding taxes themselves. If you find low taxes important, then that’s what you should advocate for in your public policy as well. Don’t say one thing then do another thing. Very hypocritical.

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  3. The point to understand is that these tax structures are NOT ILLEGAL. This means they are facilitated by government laws and is part of a bigger picture.
    Worldwide, companies will pay less tax but individuals will pay more….unless the individual can afford to create a company structure to get around this. BTC is perhaps? more for individuals not companies so will be negatively affected which is the idea as you said

  4. Both Erik Voorhees and Charlie Shrem popped up in the Panama Papers. Not saying there’s anything untoward there of course, but have they—or anyone in bitcoin journalism for that matter—ever addressed this?

  5. It means nothing. The Pandora and Panama papers just happened to have ZERO US citizens on them. What is the coincidence of that? This is most likely just some CIA leak to further some geopolitical goal of theirs.

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