1. Avoid these newbie crypto mistakes! Any others that I missed? 🧐

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  2. MATE !!!! in your previous video you corrected yourelf just in time by going from SMASHING TO GENTLY CLICKING and your saved a thumbs down ..Now you are back in the youtube losers section ..telling us to SMASH AND TOTALLY DESTROY the buttons ..ARRRRGGH ITS NOT FKING COOL !! ITS STUPID ,,DONT COPY THESE LOSERS ,, You are a clean cut young guy ,,build a niche and stand out from the rest ,,FFS

  3. Lets go magic polygon matic. Total value locked is crazy . Partnerships r crazy. Market cap is small. BUT THE PRICE IS NOTHING. NO WAY CARDANO MKCAP SHOULD BE HIGHER THAN POLYGON

  4. My biggest mistake was selling ETH and missing it by 12$ on the way back up 😫😩😭 I won’t get over it until I get it back 😥😵‍💫😪 my second biggest mistake was listening to George were all dumb and buying LTC 🤯🔫 all it’s done is plummet since the day I bought it back in May, only tonight for the very first time it moved out of the red into the green, barely and only lasted about an hour, not enough of a pump to dump it yet – bloody rubbish coin it is 🤨 yeah if only I bought SOL instead 😫 I would have had 40 SOL which now would have been 13,200 🖕🏽 fuk George never again!!

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