1. <HEY!!! Have you all heard of the professional trader who has been doing the best with a nice strategy.. I have accumulated up to 13BTC with exclusive tips from josh Owen WELCH. I must say that his skills is exceptional, thank you for making me proud

  2. I’m really glad I’ve been hodling bitcoin since 2017. Oh! How time flies. And I’m still gonna hodl it till I have enough 💰. Currently, I’m making a minimum of $300 on daily basis, which anyone can earn just like I’m doing

  3. "Get wrecked scumbags" Love it. Fairs fair if they shorted at 64K in the spring and closed their positions at 30K – of course they all pretend they did. More likely, these muppets bought at the top, were forced into margin calls, then went short at 30K looking for 10K

  4. I've made more money listening to your mommy jokes than from Crypto Kirby's self absorbed TA.

    Somehow, I foresee CRYPTO KIRBY either washing the windows of your Lambrogenie or fu(king up your Taco-Hell order in the very near future.

    💪TYLER S.👏👍

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