1. Starting early is the best way of getting ahead to build wealth, investing remains a priority,The stock market has plenty of opportunities to earn a decent payouts, with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market work's…
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  2. Nobody becomes a millionaire or a billionaire by working for others and depending on them, good investment bring millions of dollars, and consistency brings billions, the market is all about BTC at the moment now….

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  4. <Good job Mate. Lately, when asked for predictions about bitcoin and cryptos generally, most experts on youtube and other media, predictions are mostly generic with no specifics on the direction. Everyone seems to be guessing and getting even more confused about the future. The only constant thing I can say for sure is that the traders are actually earning good returns while HODlers are always concerned about what the future holds for bitcoin or if there is even a future at all. With the insight, skillss, and experience of a trader like Josh W. Welch the sky is the limit. I came to this realization when I made a return on investment of 87% in my first month using his signals for my trades. Not to sound biased, there are lots of GOOD traders out there but Josh has been of immense assistance to me, especially with his signals and strategies.

  5. The United States will never adopt Bitcoin. They are a sinking ship that will end up at the bottom of the ocean due to endless war, corporate capture of the govt, and a dollar backed by imperialism.

  6. The rich stay rich by spending like the poor and investing without stopping then the poor stay poor by spending like the rich yet not investing like the rich

  7. Nice Video💯, Investing remains a priority of making profits.The stock market has plenty of opportunities to earn a decent payouts, with the right skills and proper understanding of how the market works💯

  8. You have to look at the bigger picture. Whether you buy a new car with $48,000 in cash or 1 bitcoin it does not matter whatsoever. You now have a car instead of the cash or bitcoin. If you want a $48,000 car you take a loan on it, use your $48K to buy one bitcoin, earn yield on the bitcoin and make the minimum monthly payment over 84 months by cashing out that payment once a month. By then end of that term the car will be free along with a million dollar house (not financial advice) 🙂

  9. Do you really think that the federal government is actually going to do something to HELP the people financially?! The gov is NOT looking out for our best interest. Instead, we are being crushed by them. They see the people as their herd of cattle to do with as they will. And their goal is to CULL the herd. In other words, we are being exterminated. Look up the term "slow kill".

  10. Love the crypto community … Such talent, mind share, inclusiveness, and dynamic culture. Only been in a year, but have been inspired. Oh yeah, made a boatload versus all other assets.

  11. I realized that the secret to making a million is making better investment. I always tell myself you don't need that new Car or that vacation in Paris just yet and that mindset helps me make more money invest: ng. For example last year I invested 70k in blue chip stocks and crypt0 s (with the help of my advisor of course) and made about 380k, but guess what? I put it back and traded with her again and now I'm rounding up close to a million. Delayed gratification always pays off
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