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  2. Oke no offense butt the bybitt app is full of shit it just took fee's without i even traded and now i cant deposit anything on there no money nothing so yeah maybe in a miracle way u say its good butt its pure shitt !!!!!!!!!!!! Dont use it !!!!!!


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  4. Question- I'm newish to this. I don't trade, I buy and hodl. I've got 8 eth, a recent 2k in compound, recent 2k in aave and 2k in cosmos, all newly invested. Do you believe i should hold these long term? If not, would you drop any of these? Really hope you see this and respond. I Just listen to bitboy and you. Thanks, Carl!

  5. We broke 40k again when 2 weeks ago JP Moron said it doesn't have enough institution support to hold 30k On the other hand, Just learn to invest and increase your crypto by trading. My 4btc increased to 25 Btc in weeks working with Andrew Charles Weber.

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  7. Carl you are a genius and your work is great, but you are still ugly don't put your face like this in our screens, grow up a bit more and you will be perfect. You had to feel the red light when Sunny decree made the fun you guys

  8. Question: what makes all alts sell off at the same moment? Surely everybody doesn't have all the same coins as I have. How can they be so coordinated to all dump at once?

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