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  2. Now imagine that there is a website on bitcoinmap.cash which is promoting real supermarket adoption ever since, but the bitcoindotcom kids have been focusing on developer meetups instead of supporting that project… Now check the view count of this video related to the others and you will see that this is actually what matters to the people…

  3. With cash going to zero percent banks will begin to charge us for holding cash. BitcoinCash (bch), fast to use with low transaction fees is the answer to failing monitory policies around the globe.

  4. That is just awesome, Roger! It’s sad to see people saying negative things. Guys, a win for one crypto benefits all other good projects. Your average guy on the does not care about crypto except how it will enhance their life and the freedom it brings to them once they find out how enslaved they are!

  5. But they don't accept bch, they simply sell it for fiat at the pos. This is basically an exchange service like with Bitcoin debit cards, only they can be used everywhere that accepts visa, not just this one supermarket.

  6. Amazing to see real adoption instead of only stupid when moon btc guys!!! Keep it up guys really great stuff… If you need support for Germany adoption I will be more then happy to support

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