1. I did not know Arnold Schwarzenegger dabbled in Bitcoin. Anyway, I recently transferred some BTC and chose the low fee option. It showed up in the other address perceptively fast considering I was used to these transfers taking almost a full day a decade ago.

  2. The retail sales chart collapsed and immediately went back up because it was an ARTIFICIAL GOODS AND SERVICES STOPPAGE… ARTIFICIALLY INDUCED…. like the corona virus…. ARTIFICIAL…. a HOAX. LOLOLOLOLOL

  3. Don't be a sheeple Cardano is the new and improved Bitcoin code sha256. Besides its the Dragon family that really controls Bitcoin, so where is the real decentralisation in bitcoin. For everyone that does not know the dragon family they are by far the most powerful family on the planet. They are the ancestors of the man who stopped China from waring amongst them selves and unified all of China. China is actually named after this man. The terracotta soldiers surround his pyramid tomb. When he held a party 10000 woman would be brought to him, so how big do you think his extended family is. Also this great man was the best planning person this planet has ever seen. He planned and made the great wall of china happen. So consider this when you think about his family's wealth and how they still control China.

  4. Financial reset most likely November or December, imagine when the less than 1% are arrested for their Saturn worshiping evil Paedophilias criminals which are committed by the likes of the royal family. All the worlds wealth which is held by these sick interbreed individuals will need to be redistributed after they are arrested and all their worldly possession's are confiscated from them. Which is pretty much everything of value on planet earth. From my rough as guts calculation, every man woman and child should receive about $150000 each. Logically this enormous wealth could not be redistributed any other way.

  5. Weren't you the guy yesterday who told us Bitcoin was going to break out to the upside from your wedge?
    Now you're telling us Bitcoin will fall another $1000 to $2000 to fill the CME gap?
    Yesterday you were seeing bullish divergence on the RSI, now you're seeing bearish divergence?
    Do you have a twin brother on YT?
    If we have a 2nd lock down it will be worse than the first lock down and retail sales will again tank so perhaps we should be prepared for another March madness collapse in the Bitcoin price? They are already locking down Europe and Australia.

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