1. If we don’t see a large rally prior to the next halving, then I don’t see how a supply shock induced by the halving could cause us to go lower. If we continue to see hodlers hodl, then it is all a matter of patience from here.

  2. ‘The bow draws back to release the arrow into the sky’ …..🏹….🌎

    Bitcoin and Litecoin reward halving supply shock on its way, ‘second wave’ rally moving into play 🎃

    2012 and 2016 halvings preceded the exponential ‘double bubble’ 2013 and 2017 price surges!

  3. Great analytics amigo….you are teaching an old dog new tricks . Best wishes from the lockdown world champion city of Melbourne on FREEDOM day ….finally !😷👍

  4. Why do you think, that this cycle will be as long as the others? A couple of people incl. PlanB think that this cylcle will last until the end of Q1/2022 or even longer!

  5. I do watch you regularly but you don’t talk enough about alt coins.. This is where most common middle class people invest. I think you should give half of the time of your video to alts. Not everyone have Bitcoin. Your work is great tbh.

  6. Sry but BTC si just bouncing back higher from 1.618 (2 Aug-7 Sept) where in 15 Sept was rejected. Also SRSI will low at the end of today, small buy signal, maybe last, tomorrow will probably go higher with a next proper pump happening in 31.

  7. The halving effect is strictly supply vs. demand and we know available supply is only continue to go down. Unless we start seeing huge sell offs in the next few weeks it doesn’t look like it will follow that previous pattern.

  8. We sure did break the orange 📦 . I was chomping at the bit last night sitting at a whopping -2250 (-87%). Nice to see we have been slowly trending up again. Wasn't sure I could stomach the dip but I bought more anyway. I guess I'm just sick🤪

  9. This is how you know if you can trade margin or not… Here we see liquidation at $58k. Price action need only drop 8-10% for his position to be liquidated. Personally I never allow liquidation events within a 70% drop of price action, which would mean $20k BTC liquidation price. If you cannot afford the level of equity in a margin position you are straight out gambling hoping to get rich quick. In that situation, trade spot and spot only.

  10. Always thanks for your thoughts on this space and your transparency with some of your trades! It really helps me (and a friend) to stay focused and realize profits! Thanks much Satoshi!!

  11. Dear Christiano, we can never thank you enough for all you are teaching us!! We appreciate you immensely!!!!! Please take care of yourself so that you can continue with many more empowering videos! You are awesome!

  12. in the past bitcoin has broken previous ath after years of accumulation and after a 80% devalue.. right now this market didn't accumulate enough to keep going, this might be a bull trap for a future BTC crash.. monthly candle is so unnatural/manipulated and still needs to close, in the next couple of weeks we will see fire on btc … careful guys

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