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  2. Joseph lubin (co creator of eth) said himself they got a free pass when government wasn't watching and become decentralized as declared in past speech by bill hinman, which bill now says was his personal opinion which means eth if its not collusion should be in the line of fire next….and to go to 2.0 would mean it is centralized. Think its a real good defence as it show a bias if they do not go after eth kind of ties thier hands.. I think its working out what decentralized means in a crypto world instead of a howie test world.

  3. MultiVAC will be so huge once they start with marketing. Rn they are focusing on the tech and are already outperforming 99% of all Blockchains in terms of technical performance

  4. Help me George!!!, how do I know when to pull a little profit. Sorry it’s probably a common sense question. I’m super new and trying to understand this world a be part of the excitement.

  5. That is exactly where my cross multiply divide of the secant line slopes got me to my prediction plus comparing the fibs from the last double peak cycle. Around 270k area.

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