1. .<If there is one thing I have learned in recent months it is to remain calm, especially when it comes to investments in cryptocurrencies. Learn not to sell in a panic when everything goes down and not to buy in euphoria when everything goes up. I advise y'all to forget predictions and start making a good profit now because future valuations are all speculations and guesses. The market is very unstable and you can not tell if it's going bearish or bullish.While myself and others are trade! N without fear of making a loss others are being patient for the price to skyrocket. It all depends on the pattern you follow. I was able to make 31BTC from 8.1 BTC in just August from implementing trades with tips and info from Josh W. Welch.THANKS

  2. Thanks for your support, I need your positive words of support every day and that is why I follow you. I need this please don't stop. Thanks a lot, you are the best.

  3. Chainlink is not expensive, it's 90% cheaper than it was 6 months ago due to an upgrade. The more nodes the cheaper it gets. Umbrella is trash, they don't have the high level security of chainlink or the high quality data which is why chainlink is the only Oracle Network that gets nearly 70 new partnerships and integrations every month.

    George, you always say that your viewers should not buy into other oracles, and only get chainlink. This paid promotion of Umbrella is contradicting your own belief and stance.

  4. WHY do you want a DIGITAL dollar? THE gov will control all you money and cut you off from it if you talk about CRYTO or things they dont LIKE!. THey will grab all taxes, throttle your savings, know where every dollar went and never give you the opportunity to decide what you can buy, from who and hide your moeny!! DONT BE A COMMUNIST GEORGE YOU WILL REGRET IT

  5. Umbrella Network is a very good project and the best hedge against Chainlink in the market. The rewards are next level and the adoption is happening faster than even I was expecting since it’s less than a year old. While Chainlink is king of Oracles still its weaknesses provide opportunities for projects like Umbrella to thrive in the space 🚀

  6. BTC has an intrinsic value of $0.00 why it is priced at $40,000+ is simple – drug cartels have pumped in billions of US $100 dollar bills into BTC for money laundering purposes. They are now in the process of selling their coins and getting "clean" money.

    Next hard question please…

  7. hahaha PLAN B. what a joker. hey BTC AT $100k or $30k. Well shit my gramma who knows nothing about crypto can pick something in between where it is now and where it could climb and fall too hahaha. So if it falls he was right and if it goes up he was right. All these so called “experts” don’t have a clue anymore. They aren’t the billionaire bulls moving the markets themselves. it’s ANYONES guess what will happen. ANYYYYYYY ONE

  8. <great Video 🙌🏻I must say. Crypto is moving with little sign of stopping throughout the past few days and weeks, with movements reaching a clear impasse, the aggregated cryptocurrency market has been following in Bitcoin's lead and is struggling to garner any decisive momentum. One analyst is now noting that BTC has been holding above a key macro level throughout the past few months. He believes that the recent consolidation above this level bodes well for its near-term outlook and could indicate that significantly further upside is imminent in the weeks and months ahead. Tips like this are why it's advisable for investors and newbies to trade with the help of pro traders like Cory -O'brian , who is a signal provider. I was able to make 5 BTC since July from implementing trades with tips and info from Cory O'brian…

  9. dude did you even do any research on what kind of ETF is coming gary said he'd probably only let the stupid paper contract ones where they don't even need to hold the crypto go through.

  10. <I love your video at large but i will advice everybody who is into cryptos to Stick with ETH and BTC as much as you can guys. 2021 will be completely different IMO. Joseph Lawrence Michael also did a great work with my trades and increase my crypto using price action margin.i had enough BTC and still trading for more. If everyone sells when it starts to fall, which at one point it will, the dream may be lost because of it being too volatile for companies to get behind.

  11. Doesnt miners moving away from china would dicouple BTC from China's debt cycle? During all these cycles China had like 65% of BTC miners. Im not sure if this Im pointing out has anything to do with it thou. Please dont crucify me in the comments.

  12. Jack is just a figurehead for twitter. I don't think he owns or has very significant sway over the platform anymore. I think thats the reason why some of the things he does and says seem contradictory. If nothing else, the fact he is a btc supporter makes me like him for that.

  13. <HEY !!! Haven't you'll heard of Edward Joseph? Why lose your coins? He is the best trader ever, i have traded with so many traders, but he is extremely the best, bravo 👏👏👏 ….

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