1. I’m longing for your next vid!

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  4. I enjoyed your video. I am actually tired of worrying about stocks and stuff.. It's driving me nuts these days. I think crypto investment is far better than stocks

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  7. Tesla bought $1.5 Billion in JANUARY. Not now in February. Bitcoin was dipping in January. Not rising higher when Tesla actually bought BTC. So weeks later now BTC is going higher not because of Elon Musk but because of basic fundamentals of Bitcoin with or without Musk.

  8. Dan, thank you again! Question what is the best exchange to purchase all coins from? A lot of the exchanges have only a few of the alt coins you tubers talk about? Would you recommend uniswap

  9. Don't you think this cycle might be VERY different from the last two after the final PEAK? Super cycle with much less downside after the crazy run up? Tons of VERY strong hand commercial investment . The last cycle there was very little if any commercial investment. As in it may drop only 40% from the high and not retrace 80%? Just a thought. Love your steady, unwavering patient/analysis.

  10. Hi Dan, you always talk about the targets from the symmetrical triangles, I wanted to know how you calculate them.
    Thanks for all your work, really appreciate that.

  11. Its like these social media comments are going to be throwing in randomness not seen before historically having an impact on movement, at the whims of whenever a celeb opens his mouth.. or tweets. Its hard to fight FOMO when its already suddenly halfway to 50, and ten days ago was 32ish or so.

  12. LMFAO. The wall street journal sucks. They are so ridiculous and are letting their lack of knowledge regarding blockchain and current market dynamics, shine through. These guys are unable to keep up with the modern world. They should be ashamed. They need to fire half their crew.

  13. Just curious: If Bitcoin were to drop by a significant percentage, can large corporations (like Tesla) liquidate Bitcoin and claim this as a capital loss on taxes, and if so, are they capped at a certain amount or percentage? I know for individuals it is a $3K/year maximum capital loss, but I'm not sure how this differs for corporations. If the amount they can claim for capital loss is unlimited, this seems like it would be a massive advantage for profitable corporations that incur significant capital gains as a hedge against both taxes and potential market corrections.

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