1. I love him – — but he was preaching doom & gloom the world over …so i guess he was simply too fearful – he certainly put the fear of God in me…

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  3. this represents everything that is wrong with mainstream media. Interviewer only searching for that 30 second viral soundbite rather than actually learning from a genius like Dalio.
    So disrespectful

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  5. I respect their pov, but I also have faith in the new generation developing technology that will change the world. Always surprises me when I hear market veterans speak on Bitcoin, its like they know more or better than the next generation developing technology most of us can't even understand. Seems absurdly naive and arrogant.

  6. It's a shame! How could an interviewer interrupt Mr. Dalio several times and not let him develop his thoughts to us? We don't want to hear the unimportant thoughts of the interviewer. These kind of interviewers should go elsewhere.

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  8. This interview was all about this " do you see me interviewer". Annoying from the beginning to the end. I can see Dalio unease when he is interupted every time. And I really hate it when he bursts and interrupts right in the middle of each explanation

  9. The China as a state was born on the day of reunification with Hong Kong and brought up as a baby by Taiwan. The Western Economies are at least a decade behind China in the diversification of market in Africa and Asia.

  10. I do not believe in a deflation in the world with two new world currency like euro and yuan. The bitcoin does a great deal of useful job for the US by helping to recover some dollars from the market, certainly will not be outlawed in the US for now.

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