1. weapons and terrorists can not destroy a country, not even atomic bombs were a threat to the red giant, the fall of the Soviet Union occurred by the desire of freedom of the Russians, freedom is the most silent and invisible enemy for any dictatorship, that's why the countries and banks of the world are afraid of bitcoin, You can not stop bitcoin using weapons, it is freedom itself, and it spreads fast like a virus, but the only body that gets sick with this virus is the same one who has always been sick: the state.

  2. All people that with a such a focus on money and power as the their saviors look one dimensional cartoonish as a cyclops character of myth made a chimera of this new world. But with this proposal Vladimir Putin has joined the rank of James Bond villain, does naked horsie man think all of the world is Russia and he could hypnotize and KGB doublespeak in Orwellian unquestioned ( pay no attention to the men behind the curtain, the man with a perfectly oiled chest) . No crypto ever I would rather burn my computer then ever get an email address or chase after some ether crypto bullshit. Which brings me to a illogical loop riddle, if hipsters created crypto currency because they like so totally hate Jamie Diamond as if. Then what happens when Jamie Diamond corners the crypto currency market? I would love to here a reply, but O.o ———————SYSTEM OVERLOAD——————————-SYSTEM OVERLOAD

  3. Am normally on Mr Putin side, but all around the world governments rip as off with to high/many tax/vat/fines etc and allow banks to rip as of too.. It's no wonder people are looking to use another way of currency even if it's only used, so banks don't get their greedy hands on it..

  4. Путин не призывает запретить Биткоин, он рассказал об угрозах этой валюты – продажа наркотиков и оружия. Так же он добавил, что запрещать его нельзя, просто нужно разработать систему, при которой биткоин станет более легальной и открытой валютой.

  5. When people traded with shells (cowries) as currency and the same for gold, no manned governing body controlled shit. It was up to mother nature and people who lived near the sea or mined the earth. So I disagree with Mr Putin on this one. Taxing is a way to get money from people for nothing: the ultimate scam.

    The cryptocurrency idea is what governments should’ve been doing a long time ago instead of letting greedy bankers trick you into a central bank, which the governments’ don’t even control and put us all in an ever increasing spiral of debt. IF YOU PRINT YOUR OWN MONEY = NO DEBT! That's simple logic. Hop to it if you plan on banning cryptocurrencies. That’s a better trade-off.

  6. If you are looking at getting into mining, I have a Chinese contact willing to sell his bitcoin at a reduced rate. He is perturbed about the uncertainty of BTC in china and has contacted my company to sell it off. Leave comments if you are interested

  7. Bit coin hahahahah , what a joke to take money away from country's and store it in USA ! I it better plan than fake USA bare bonds because you do not even buy anything , with bit coin you just give your money away and get some virtual claim that you own one of something that it is worth 5000$ per piece ?!?!? What a load of bullshit , there is no easy money , someone on the end will pay the price and the owner of the bit coin will eventually buy the USA FED bare bounds with that money and say bit coin is worth 0$ ! This is the case ! Bit coin owners are the same people who made 2008 financial crisis and now they are broke and have a new scam how to plunder stupid sheep people !

  8. What a load of bullshit. He is just another autocrat scared that cryptos take the printing press out of government hands and puts it into the hands of the masses. Cryptos are far better regulated than fiat, which can be printed into oblivion on a whim and act to enslave everyone to money masters.

  9. Poor politic, he is afraid because they arent on control of the cryptocurrencies.. therefore there is no way they can lurk us through that way, so cute 🙂

  10. The risks are worth the rewards. The anonymity and untraceable nature of crypto currency is WHY "we" want and need it.

    The banks and tax offices already control FAR too much wealth. There needs to be a restructuring and balancing of individual prosperity and tax free wealth.

  11. Gives a thumbs up to ether that is not anonymous, then uses Bitcoin to address only the issues with crypto that arise because of anonymity…… he's simply a smarter shill for the banks then other countries shills.

  12. Agenda 2030! Bitcoin will be a Ledger on resources consumed and you will be limited on you consumption!!!.  Bitcoin everything….Bitcoin water, Bitcoin gas, Bitcoin utilities, all controlled by the folks with endless cash!!!

  13. The NWO one world currency plan, and the only way to do this is some sort of currency that can bypass Govts. Putin is right, dont listen to these cunts in the comments profiting from bitcoin by just sitting their ass doing nothing but mining this garbage. They sold out human race a long time ago, this is how it starts.

  14. Erm, terrorists and other criminals use ATMs, banks and regular FIAT currency all the time. It seems governments are secretly shitting themselves over blockchain and cryptocurrencies as they know adoption rate could end banking cartels.

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