1. Not really sure if someone would be able to explain this to me, but I'd really appreciate it!

    I'm a newbie to Crypto and trading in General. I've traded before in stock in Dow jones in particular and I understand how if you enter with $2 per point and it increases 20 points then you've been $40.

    In Crypto, how does it work ? dose it double/triple..etc based on your entry or not ?

    Also, Is this due to trading vs investing ? Thanks in Advance 🙂

  2. Don’t keep any more money in Fiat Banks than you can afford to lose’ 👀

    Digital passports, inflation and banking crises are a reminder of the urgency of moving into Bitcoin Ethereum Litecoin and crypto.

  3. I like the point you just proved in the video, i should say. Bitcoin's price action has been going up and down throughout the past few days and weeks, with bulls and bears both reaching a clear impasse, the aggregated cryptocurrency market has been following in Bitcoin's lead and is struggling to gain any decisive momentum. One analyst is now noting that BTC has been holding above a key macro level throughout the past few months. he believes that the recent consolidation above this level bodes well for its near-term outlook and could indicate that significantly further upside is imminent in the weeks and months ahead, Thanks to Mcknight Lisa..

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