1. @8:09 Bond prices have been down for over 2 years because the interest rates are so low. Raising interest rate will affect stock prices. Although the interest rate on treasury bonds will go up. The reason the interest rates on savings accounts are so low is the banks aren't making enough money to pay it out.

  2. the pandemic taught me the importance of multiple income streams because having a job doesn’t mean security, I read about an investor that averagely makes $80K-100K monthly and I'd love to know how/what to invest in to make such huge profit.

  3. Good information for those who don’t know but also miss information about China and Hong Kong they did not take it as it was handed back by the British.

  4. isnt it obvious they want a 13 year bull market for people to make moeny
    and they will create a tax bill
    they will short every inflated asset
    they will make moeny in all ways
    they will use cash to buy the crash
    its all cycles

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