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  2. It's almost like bitboy is taking orders from someone to mislead us into selling our crypto for cheap and then have to buy back at the higher levels when we realize he was wrong. 'maybe intentionally' misleading us? Who would know?

  3. We probably going to have a huge pump in 2 weeks.. I've seen it before with bitboy crypto.. Its almost like he's manipulating his followers into a certain direction to profit from them. – He mostly says what the big whales are saying and then usually does the opposite to profit off of the 'sheep' that listens to bad advice.

  4. Maybe it’s my ignorance but having listen to bit boy over the last year, I don’t understand why he is so popular. Some times he’s spot on but on the whole I trust but verify. Do your own research before buying an opinion or a crypto.

  5. Taking random events and trying to forecast the future is mathematically impossible
    It's like taking 2 dice and throwing them 100 times and plotting the difference in points
    those charts look exactly like stock charts, commodity charts, and cryptocurrency charts
    go ahead try it

    Nobody on this earth can forecast the future in anything – the weatherman is a prime example.

    So my advice to all you folks who believe in clairvoyance – take your money and go to Vegas
    there you will see folks playing super-secret systems and they go bust just the same.

    You have been warned…(but I know most of you will still listen to the gurus and lose your money but you get to blame them)

  6. Listen it’s simple but you need to take a red pill 💊… heavy manipulation by the elites. They don’t want anyone else rich. They need to have only 2 classes, rich and very poor.

  7. Bit Coin followed the crash of the market. No more a store of value than stocks, gold, or real estate. As the market crashes down, and the US goverment defaults, and the dollar is made worthless, Bit Coin will take a hit. But in the end, Crypto, Bit Coin, will be the only avenue for buying and selling. There is some value in that.

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