1. Awesome information!!! Although I have been using Techifycryptfx on !G Method for a while which I never regret cause I have make so much through there methods.

  2. Thanks so much for this video! But I have used Techifycryptfx on !G many times and I never regret using there methods they have generate alot and so much for me.

  3. whats the difference between awesomeminer vs trex? since I see online TREX had a massive vulnerbility leaving all users open to network attacks. Not really interetested in testing my luck for a few extra cents a day

  4. I am mining my 3060 ti and 1080 for a few weeks. I'm back after quitting in 2016 (it hurts me way more that you). In 2016 I paid for my $120 card in less than 6 weeks. Now it will take 6 months to pay for my 3060 ti. I'm debating selling my card and just buying crypto with the money. Please advise.

  5. Just getting into mining lol thought about it years ago man i missed that… complete limited funds so it's just cpu mining and slow. but i'm using my resources all the free computers at work running 24/7 but glad i found your channel looking into finding some used graphics cards and putting something dirty together and cheap. Just watched your video how to withdraw funds from nicehash thanks for the easy expl.

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