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  2. I wouldn't be so so certain about private property being protected in USSA much longer. The country is going right into some sort of corporate communism- and communism down not allow for citizens to have a net worth of any kind. Each citizen is seen as PROPERTY of the STATE, thus your wealth is confiscated by the state.

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  4. TESLA Just purchased $1.5B in BTC to diversify its reserves.
    Resulting in BTC hitting a new all time high.

    Samsung already has hardware wallets on its premium phones.

  5. I was at a retirement seminar and the speaker spoke on how he quit his job after he made well over $450,000 PROFIT within 3months he invested $120,000. I just began investing and i will really appreciate any tips or helpful guide.

  6. Bitcoin is the greatest economic disruptor in the history of the world, for most of the population of the world it’s a gift from God. But for those entrenched in the current financial system it’s a death blow.

  7. I've heard Michael talk several times before, but I thought Ross brought a lot of new ways to look at Bitcoin. I think all the CEOs are going to move quickly after this conference and in this next 2 months bitcoin will moon to 100k by April

  8. Wow. That was something else. Basically the global economic Titanic is sinking from central bankers punching holes in the hull from the inside, so you'd better get into the Bitcoin lifeboat, and quick.

  9. Your stupid if you don't own BTC at this point imo lol. Hope I don't offend anyone but seriously.. not owning bitcoin is a mistake at this point in time. Bitcoin is far beyond any stock.

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