1. Guys, this 20k up down is nothing. If u r here, u know btc is loooooong game. Buy it now n hold. Ull be glad after 3 years. Ull. Ull even be relieved within next 36 hrs. Bull run has still new highs to set.

  2. Wow George, less than 24hrs later there was a huge BTC dump. F2Pool sell-offs really ARE an indicator to watch for. Thanks for sharing your info with us. I was asleep (here in Australia) when the dump happened, but next time I'll be watching more closely.

  3. I know this is bad for the price temporarily, but don't we need this availability on the market for retail investors and institutions? Wouldn't this be bullish?

  4. Fantastic insight and kudos for bringing it to everyone's attention George! Wish I could have bought the dip and increased my position on Orion protocol. Maybe next time….

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