1. He goes after Blockchain boy for schilling his coin but let's Richard Hart take over his ATBC show schilling Hex while the other participants, including Ben, sat there with silly grins on their faces……scared to say anything. Hypocrite much?

  2. From my personal experience I will use The child support system which is ran by the computer. One case fits all and that's bad. The only thing the people do is enforce it if a person tries to non-comply but every situation is different and theirs no way to go in and regulate. Blockchain will make all info. instantaneous. What the people will be able to do is look over the system and make changes when needed. Blockchain creates a infrastructure that's transparent. Totally digitally? No. But our systems will be more digital. If you need to create a contract between two or more people, without the gov. you can do it with the same legitimacy. Crypto will in the end make everyone stand as their own government and in the end make everyone stand against each other because everyone will be kings and theirs only one king in a castle.

  3. In my opinion the perfect opportunity to invest is when the currencies go down, I take the opportunity to buy and accumulate many $ Divi coins, I am creating my great treasure … time to sow and then wait for the great harvest. ..

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