1. FYI., Jamie Dimon is a CEO, I don't believe he makes individual trades or corner markets in order to manipulate price.. he just hires people who autonomously make those decisions.

  2. At 40:10 the question about "unfathomable prices" is something I've wondered about also. Seems inevitable in the long term. We'll probably be buying/selling fractions of a BTC. Satoshis?

  3. I hear alot of people say to slowly DCA out of coins, as we get closer to a "new top". I would like to do this, but I just got into crypto about 6 months ago and feel like I would get crushed from the tax because I have not held for more than 1 year. Would it be smarter to wait it out, continue to accumulate during the bear market, and then sell for profit down the road once new ATH are in our sights again to avoid the large tax ramifications?

  4. The fcc is NOT watching the manipulation from big money. For example exchanges shut down trading to prevent those short on GME from getting wrecked. There are multiple rug pulls that are pulled off in the ecosystem every year. The FCC is not interested in fulfilling their mandate. Their goal is to protect finance 1.0.

  5. Litecoin is extra Bitcoin. Outside of personal opinions and current price, it's pretty much the same thing. Just 4x the supply and 4x the speed of transactions, more privacy and fungibility. When Bitcoin adoption explodes and your waiting months for a transaction or to open a lightning channel, Litecoin will be there.

  6. @ 32:00 A bit unfair and bias on XRP. Understand that you don’t like it’s tokenomics and the people behind it, but looking at the last 90 days XRP has performed no worse than ETH (up over 30%). Yes XRP is tanking right now but so are ETH, MATIC and LINK. The whole market is tanking, with the exception of a few coins (like SOL)! Please be careful with spreading unjustified FUD about coins you don’t like. Let’s be fair and acknowledge that the major reason holding XRP price back is the SEC lawsuit and the fact it’s not on US exchanges. I appreciate all the reasons why you don’t like XRP but please fair in your presentation.

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