1. I think that rather than being cancelled for giving a bit more credence to alt coins, your audience would increase. Even if you continued to talk solely about bitcoin. Bitcoin is fantastic and I like listening to your podcast for Bitcoin. I unfollowed I few weeks ago just because I couldn't get over the dispersions cast against alt coins on a regular basis. There are a few really great, highly insightful and rational podcasters that just leave rationality behind when anything other than bitcoin comes up.
    Anyway, this popped up on my youtube feed and I enjoyed the conversation! Thanks.

  2. Its nice to see Peter just being himself, he reminds me of my little brother in middle school who doesn't know much, but he tries hard and people like him for his effort even though he isn't very bright. It is cute to watch him try.

  3. min 54:21 It´s because of labeling people. People needs to stop eating whatever words the media wants to implent. I´m not a word, I´m not anti nor pro vaccine, it´s an opinion of a certain situation. It´s not my name or surname, wtf. People need to stop labeling opinions, this crates rivalry, OPEN YOUR EYES !

  4. Love these guys but the vax discussion in particular to the US isn't as draconian as you'd think. The cos with 100+ employees have the option of the vax OR weekly testing.

  5. Most in Australia are pro choice and pro vaccine passport. Practically, our health care system and workers need to be respected. That Melbourne stuff is a small pocket, and not at all representitve of the mood here overall.

  6. Great chat. I think the big dots you didn't connect in the Govt vs the people idea is that the Govt is psychologically using fear to recruit people to support its narrative and do the fighting on its behalf. Social war.

  7. Willys protocol analogy is wrong unfortunately. There are multiple protocols involved in the internet/networking stack. tcp/IP as a base layer might be a good analogy.. but other protocols ftp, sftp, smtp,http etc all sit on top to provide higher level services. Not to mention the backbone protocols in telecoms routers etc. Some 'Shitcoiners' need to be looking out for the HTTP of the money protocol stack.. because bitcoin and ethereum dont fit that bill. Chainlink or some other winner takes all oracle protocol is more likely.

  8. “Free State of Texas”
    Is that the one that just attacked Celsius.
    Banned BlockFi.
    Won’t allow Stablecoins.
    Can’t buy HBAR. Not allowed.

    Can’t buy a car – unless from the approved Auto Dealers. Not allowed.

    Is that the State we’re talking about ?

  9. True Bitcoin Maximalists only call Ethereum and other Altcoins a Scam because the people behind it are dishonest about the trade offs and lie about current and past state of affairs.

    That is why Theranos was a scam, the woman lied about the past and faked blood tests.

    When Ethereum people are saying they created ultra sound money after the last upgrade they are lying.

    When they say it is as decentralised as Bitcoin, they are lying.

    So at that point they are scamming people.

  10. Lol. This week on WBD, we'll talk about what's happening in Melbourne, a city we don't really know anything about and haven't been to. Willy is lost if he thinks what's happening in AU is any different at all to what's happening in NZ.

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