1. derek kawkye thanks for your reply. Interesting point about the alts decoupling, but there is a finite (albeit not exact as with BTC) supply. At present they trade more than is mined of silver in one day. That shows you they don't give a flying fuck. It is obvious to everyone that this is criminal, but they think they are untouchable.

  2. It seems like am never able to identify trends, options always go against me. I am looking for a simple reproducible passive income strategy that supplements my income. I have set aside $120K to begin and I could really use some advice on what best to invest into.

  3. The best option would be to get some Bitcoin and Ethereum as both have a good risk/reward ratio. If you want to play it more risky in terms to get potentially bigger profits you can buy

  4. I think this is the way, the Government will try to eliminate BTC. They wil be smashing BTC up and down, until it breaks. They will make it more volatile, scaring retail investors off. And especially, keeping them investing in US fiat, rather than allowing the fiat leave into pure BTC and cryptos. Will be a win win situation for them, and they don't need to ban anything. Pretty malevolent strategy….

  5. By allowing a futures ETF is another sign of corruption at the highest levels. The average investor won't purchase synthetic contracts. They want the real thing, BTC. And in so doing, the SEC creates an opportunity for institutions and hedge managers to manipulate the market.They will take advantage of this golden nugget handed to them.

  6. Why are they allowed to keep doing this type of thing? Everyone knows why they do it. None of the big guys ever get in trouble for screwing the rest of us over.

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