1. Your absolutely correct on this correction. If it keeps rising it does get scarry, this is healthy. And also yes, next is link. I believe it will be easily near $60 by end of year.
    Long btc, eth, link.
    Btc will be at $50k by end of Feb & eth $2k easy

  2. First thing I see on Lark's page is promoting Binance. Sorry. I can't follow someone who doesn't realize Binance for the scam it is.. Or he does and shills it anyway, which is even worse.

  3. The United States, Ukraine, Argentina, Japan and Germany have already issued CBDCs on Stella Lumens blockchain, and the world's common currency is Stella Lumens.
    In Japan, salaries were paid in Stella Lumen in March, and XLM is a currency tied to quantum computers developed by IBM.

  4. Ok I bought 100~ dot shame I can't stake it in my wallet(exodus) and I don't want to stake it elsewhere as it's typically custodial and it might be a centralised exchange which I don't feel comfortable leaving money on (due to their nature just happen to be unavailable when U need them online).

    If you can stake via a decentralised exchange like uniswap let me know as I guess you hold the crypto in your Dex wallet which you own and being a Dex better availability compared to central.

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