1. I'm so glad Mr Concord Joe is getting popular now. I am still learning from him, he his very experienced and with accurate prediction. Really his hardwork speaks for him 👍🏻

  2. Better do one about its better to hold a 0.05 – 0.5btc on accout or maybe on beggining with crypto hold few thousends alts… Im saing do a move for Starting class with crypto with no money and not all the time saing how much u Got or how short or long btc when People dont have money… For even have 1 btc becouse if u dont know its around the world a loots of them. Just sugestion maybe more likly u will get more subscrybers gl.

  3. Carl, if you have the funds to buy a piece of Crypto history, you HAVE to go for it. Ben is right, even if it drops in the short term it WILL end up being a winner down the road…and if it didn't, so what. You still have a piece of history.

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