1. This is more then BS, this is obvious BS … Chap made some money while ago and started youtube channel talking complete bollocks. Some of it stick and people think he is helping them making profits… but the truth is he is is the only one profiting most, using nativity of uneducated traders believing they become rich tomorrow. There is plenty of real analysts out there ( Benjamin Cowen for example ) who can educate you about how Crypto markets works, so you can make your own decisions based on probability and risk metrics, not opinion of excited fat man who won crypto lottery once upon the time.

  2. You covered yourself from all angles as your saying it tops out in the end of September, but may last till December before the final blow off. Come on mate anybody can say all that. If you claim you have inside information give us some hard dates!

  3. lol Bens driving around with engine roaring and people are making negative comments. Because he may of got something wrong. We will soon know whom is right. Well, the car proves he's doing something right. I would like a car like Ben and better life for my family thats why im watching his channel to learn how he's done it. People getting salty. DYOR your, responsible for your actions no one else.

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