1. Good god. I unfollowed that idiot several months ago. That man is so cringe it hurts.
    “The loudest person in the room is usually the dumbest”
    This statement is proven with Ben and Bitboy Crypto

  2. I understand your point base on statistics and graph but if we know who is controlling crypto anything can happen and Ben might be right at some point bc we know how this works and its not always base on graphs like it should be.

  3. As you say nobody really knows. If we would we’d be rich already. Nobody is held like you crypto you tubers in stock market analysis to specific price predictions. Ben has pigeon holed himself a few times. I know he’s admitted being wrong just wish he’d calm down some he is so much more believable when he presents less fired up. Humility my friend. Jeb I lean towards your thoughts I hope pray one of you is right!!! And yeah slow down take some breaths oxygen is good for the heart….you got a long way to go! 😁

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