1. Hi do i at any point have to enter the keyphrase from my ledger nano s because im currently home in the US until covid is over but my main residency is in germany where i have the little word booklet but i need some fund immediately since its a family health related emergency. Thank you so much!!!!!!

  2. Intro Starts at 02:08
    Your welcome.

    Word of advice. Not only to you but to EVERYONE out there making a tutorial about ANYTHING. CUT THE BULLSHIT! No introductions needed man. Just give us the god damn information, don't fucking care about what your name is or what you're having for fucking dinner. OK?!

  3. Thank you for taking time to do this..us nebies are cluess.. I started bitcoin on coinbase for 150 and now hit $15K… i ACCIDENTALLY HIT WRONG BUTTON AND BOUGHT INTEAD OF SOLD FROM ACCOUNT i PUT MONEY IN FOR INTERNET PURCHASES. WELL, IT OVER DREW..o CALLED AND ITS STILL DISABLED (sorry for cap. accident).So now I am seeking a private wallet. Please slow down as most newbies dont understand what you saying, but will after experience. Just looking to to creaat wallet as I need address for platform. Again, thank you and this was not a criticism..it just get over whemling..now..back to your video

  4. I could find no way to install this program onto my computer and I do not get the same screen choices when I go to the electrum website, so this information is out of date and unhelpful

  5. I just ha two transactions on blockchain that I never received in this wallet it was stolen, blockchain said I received it never did show up I am being robbed everytime I use this wallet had updated version! I am changing wallet lost a lot BTC

  6. I`ve set up my first Electrum wallet. First digital wallet for me in fact.One thing I did notice in the setup. I chose 2 factor authentication. I assumed that would be through SMS text. Never went through this in setup. How does that work and when is it needed?Thanks

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