1. Bonds started to pick up the stock will start to heat up 6.2% US inflation October number it's could stay for a while the from US inflation not transitory Major Strikes Union don't accept 5% increased salary. All Crypto value 3 trillions more than 10% of US National Debt it will spike

  2. His view is he's scared for his class and their money control. He has no idea about the lightning network evidently. The old guys who don't know tech the MBA types they are screwed. Money is going digital and crypto is the path. Better learn how to code.

  3. I've heard that compulsive liars eventually start believing their own lies and that certainly makes them seem more credible to the uncritical thinker. "Public servants" (supposed public servants) like this alway begin an answer with, "Let me be perfectly clear" or "I want you to listen to me" when they're about to lie like rug. BTW, how many people do you know that aren't in governmental monetary policy go around worrying about deflation? NOBODY. That is the fear of central bankers. Inflation is theft, full stop.

  4. With the runup in home prices, its okay that you let rates come up, why should we pay taxes when you can print money in the background ? All savers are getting screwed in this country, its no wonder bitcoin is the fastest horse in the race

  5. So many dont get it. Its so early bitcoin is not ready yet to be a currency. But eventually, when the the Satoshi is valued somwhere between .10 and .50 each, you better believe bitcoin will be a digital currency all day long. Most just lack the vision to see it.

  6. If they have any sense they will launch a CAD stablecoin to float against Bitcoin. Bitcoin will ultimately replace gold as the tier 1 settlement layer. Bitcoin can be used as a currency like El Salvador use it.

  7. They are DESPERATE for a CBDC shitcoin 😂

    More control / Less privacy / More power

    They hate that the better alternative is here before they can even launch their plans 😂

  8. QE yeah it’s new I mean We don’t “print” money we creat money out of thin air and give it to our friends it’s different your not smart enough to understand…hmm lies through teeth covers up with jargon derrr I was a Dean

  9. Bitcoin is not a digital currency? LMAO.. scumbag politician so typical…I'm here in the United States and we're praying for all you Canadians that's for sure this thing needs to be destroyed federal reserve needs to be destroyed completely no more federal taxes in anyway shape or form only state taxes…🇺🇸🇺🇸🇺🇸 Canada we love you.

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