1. And I said what about breakfast at Tiffany's,
    She said I think I remember the film,
    And as I recall I think,
    We both kinda liked it,
    And I said well that's,
    The one thing we got.

    Honestly not a stable foundation for anything, especially a relationship.

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  3. Ethermine always used to pay out at .05 even though the min said 0.1. But now thats not happening anymore. I know they added the Polygon payment option but i mine directly to an exchange wallet since its really just a hobby. Is there any way to go back to the .05?

  4. more transactions + lower difficulty = more profits. China has actually done the rest of the world a favour. Continue mining ethereum until!! nothing much has changed in my opinion. Until proof of stake is activated. hopefully never.

  5. Dude you have a serious scamming problem in your comments accounts named " pinned by son of a tech" scamming people on whatsapp for sending money. If you can plz do something about it

  6. I really wish you you tubers would stop advertising this stuff. I get you tube videos is how you make money but seriously all you're doing is making all the flakes and posers come back to mining making difficulty shoot up and now nobody gets much.

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