1. I appreciate the warning but i don't care lol. I'm not concerned with dumps. I know where Bitcoin is heading in the long term so I've made it a goal to acquire at least 1 whole Bitcoin over the next couple of years. In ten years 1 Bitcoin will be just as good as anyone's retirement fund, if not better.

  2. Stop pretending to know the future. The cycle is broken by growth and institutional investors. If you're going to tell everyone don't buy BTC cause it's going to $15k, may as well just tell them it's a ponzi. You are thinking too small.

  3. I would Not invest in this stuff, the better investment is growing food, the capital markets are gonna crash, money gonna stop being the most sought after thing, only thing that gonna matter is if you can grow food and survive shtf, stop working, stop investing, it's all fake, get out the system, and for bald's sake get out of crypto.

  4. The one thing that I feel is missing from all you YT influencers on crypto is a solid EXIT STRATEGY!!!!! I hear little to nothing on this topic. Please give us your input on a good exit strategy please!

  5. You do not know if the market will work this way.. in the past yes it has worked like this.. we have no idea to know if BITCOIN will retrace like normal cycles.. Stop saying this stuff like you know it will happen

  6. All the inflation is going to dunk buckets of water on this theory.

    If the bull run ends, I’d be happy. I’ll buy more btc. But I am not liquidating my BTC positions, even the ones I got in on @ 61k.

  7. Does any of this really matter if you actually believe in bitcoin… just hold for 10 years, you will make substantial gains 💪you don't lose until you sell. Of course, if you can get in at the lowest price possible that's great.

  8. I know this is like a broken record and maybe a bit annoying. But please look at how Hex works and the whitepapers in layman's terms, it's actually on it's way to flipping ETH. As others I was skepitcal a year ago, but after you give it some time and attention, it's very cool. If you're worried about Richard, look up some basic skills on reading body language or what people do when fabricating information, then watch all the vids you can where he is asked difficult questions directly, and look for anything of concern.

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