1. So if you put $1000 into Bitcoin and it doubles by Q1 that means you only would only have $2000. But this return sucks in comparison to other cryptos which have shown much higher rates of return. in shorter periods of time so buying Bitcoin is not a good investment.

  2. Surprised she didn't speak of institutions already getting exposure to BTC via the regulated futures markets. The BTC scarcity point annoys me. Of course it is scarce. It's designed that way and will take until 2104 for all the coins to be mined.

  3. Tim is full of himself and out of touch with reality. The SEC is not here to protect investors. They only protect themselves and the big doners that are in bed with them.

    The SEC destroyed me this year as I had my investment destroyed and suppressed. The only thing the SEC wants is a piece of the pie and control that makes their piece bigger. They are a criminal organization and should be investigated.

    They don't care about the retail investor, never have.

  4. Boomers are so focused on the Bitcoin price. They dont understand that you are not buying a digital token but a market share into the bitcoin network. Bitcoin is the most advance and secured trustless payment settlment network inthe world. People can send millions of dollars to anyone in the world in just 5-10mins and at less than $10. Try to do that with ACH or wire transfer. You will have to pay 1000s in just fees and wait days . Thats why Bitcoin is so valuable and eventually everyone will be using bitcoin without even owning it. the key is to own it now before it gets all bought up.

  5. It went from 10K to 50K in about a year so…..that is how it will happen. CNBC needs to do some BASIC research so the FUD masters like CNBC can at least marginally understand crypto.

  6. Venturing into the trading world without the help of a professional trader and expecting profits is like turning water into wine, you would need a miracle, that's why i trade with hilder Ferguson, her skills set is exceptional.

  7. Two days after this video was released, bitcoin increased almost 10% to over 48K. Bitcoin's performance in the last quarter of the 4 year cycle has historically been extremely bullish. $100K seems like a conservative estimate. Meanwhile, USD is inflating like crazy. This isn't financial advice and be careful not to invest what you can't afford to lose.

  8. Nice work mate, I advise y'all to forget predictions and start making profit now because future valuations are all speculations and guesses. The market is very unstable and you can't tell if it's going bearish or bullish, While myself and others are trading without fear of making a lose others are being patient for the price to skyrocket. It all depends on the pattern you follow. I was able to make 7btc in just August from implementing traders with tips and information from RICH

  9. Smh …. I remeber when this host was clueless and not willing to be receptive to crypto. She would make us in crypto look a bit wacky…. but look at them now… its ok.. come on in.. we welcome you …. with open arms.

  10. Trading is something that I've just begun to wobble in but couldn't wrap my head around it completely. I’ve been looking into the last market crash and I realized a few investors made millions of dollars from the 2008 recession. I was wondering if such success rate could be achieved in this present market

  11. "Good things happen to those who believe, the better happens to those who are patient and the best ones to those who don't give up" These are the exact words Mr fedrick Johnson told me before I started investing with him and am now living the
    best life one could ever ask for

  12. People should know that the fact that outlets like CNBC are having this conversation means the argument over BTC is already over. But I would also say that when BTC hit that 100k mark you will see a huge correction downward by up to 60%. Just trust in the fact that BTC will never fall below 42k ever again and the next cycle will bring us $250k BTC

  13. Billions of dollars was printed to bail out the banks back in 2008 and everybody freaked out, now they are adding trillions of dollars to the deficit basically over night and barley an eye is being blinked. This is exactly what BC was created for! If you don't see the writing in the wall by now for fiat, there is no hope for you or your future 😉

  14. "Right now, Bitcoin is a textbook Ponzi scheme:

    It has no intrinsic value. You can’t eat it, wear it, or heat your house with it. …
    It is not a productive asset. It’s not a factory that produces an item. …
    It has zero underlying value. None. …
    It has minimal utility. …
    Its value is solely derived from the trust that the price will continue to rise indefinitely. …"

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