1. Perhaps CW can be wrong and 'then' right, where there will be huge inflationary crashes initially, followed by deflation through technological advances. We may even see huge inflation/crashes only within certain sectors, where other sectors have become more robust due to technological investment.

  2. I never heard Cathie to mention Ethereum specifically, however the video display systematically several times Ethereum logo, trying to imply she refers to it. Do get foolish, she mentioned Defi and NFT, not Ethereum. Probably the owner of this channel has a strong position in ETH

  3. This is Nice video…..so inspiring but do anyone knows about expert mrs Lisa. Mrs Lisa Is legit and her method works like magic I keep on earning every single week with her new strategy

  4. This makes no sense, because; In DEflation the dollar gains in value and demand for dollars goes sky high, while its alternatives like crypto and gold will naturally lose value.

  5. It seems to me that any person in the crypto industry should be prepared for both complete collapse and high ups. Personally, I just prefer to transfer funds on USDT before the start of the bear market

  6. Technology becoming cheaper hasn't stopped prices at the supermarket from increasing over 17%… there is NO deflation to the real cost of living we experience on the street.

  7. She is correct on the overall deflation idea, but she is dump as fuck when it comes to explaining what is going to happen. All booms/expansions in money systems are inflationary by nature at the end of the day. All corrections are deflationary. This up and down is exponential. It has to be. No other way. They artificially printed so much "elastic" money exponentially since 1971 that in order to "save" the falling economy it requires insane number of dollars to keep the exponential rate of debt going. It got to a point where in order for the market to double (100%) trillions and trillions of USD is required. In other words: if stock market was worth $1, it requires $1 to double it, but if it is worth $500, then you need 500x more money to go 100%. It becomes physically impossible to keep going. So when the Everything Bubbles goes away (and it will), the deflation will be so big, it will wipe everyone out. But don't worry, there won't be no recession, it will be a global start over.

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  9. Bitcoin B is the number 13, just like the dollar, that is why I bought it years ago. 13 colonies etc. 1913 is when the Fed took over… Federal Reserve Family Bankster Cartel owns bitcoin and every human that has a birth certificate, that was signed by your parents. Ignorance of the law is no excuse.

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