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  2. I like your content a lot but idk why the same attitude for meme coins would be looped into Ethereum classic. It definitely holds value especially if you like Bitcoin and Ethereum it’s like a nice combo of the two as far as scarcity and smart contracts go. If litecoin is taken seriously then by all means etc should be taken seriously considering it has more use cases and can serve as a a base layer solution to other projects. If you like eth you should like etc. It would 3x from here just to catch up to meme coins so I hope you don’t think it’s that bad of a project. Barry silbert is a holder and we know his position in the crypto space is huge. Grey scales 3rd largest holdings cmonnn give it the benefit of the doubt. It’s been attacked but not hacked in a long long time

  3. Solana is misleading. 80% of its "400,000 transactions per second" are validator communications. True tps is MUCH smaller. That's why it crashed a few months ago. It's not even close to the same ballpark of decentralization as Ethereum and Cardano. That's why it was so easy to shut down a few months ago. My speculative bet is on Cardano being the best and most dependable project. I don't want to put my money on breakable projects.

  4. I want to thank you so much Dan! I'm very new to the crypto world and still making my way. But i think this is the kind of content we miss from all the gazillions of channels out there. I am participating in the MELD ISO and actually were not aware at all of these latest development. I'm glad i heard about them here, because even if some news suck to get heard, the way you guys brought it today was soothing (wouldn't be the same if i would have read it from some other media outlet spreading it as FUD). Thank you!

  5. Hi Rob, could you at some point make a short clip on how those adresses in unstoppable domains work as wallet addresses? Maybe just me but still haven't figured out…
    Thanks for your fantastic channel.

  6. I'll be buying some Crypto art from your link soon. (I'm from the UK) Just so others know that you can still buy products from the US if they state they only post mainland. There are companies that purchase on your behalf and then send them to your home address if the main site states they don't post to your home country.

  7. Dear Dan, I'm a fan :-). Thank you for the essential update on MELD. One thing that I have not heard from you is the "private sale" (I think it is called) on the VENT launchpad. I have mixed feelings on these launchpads which are popping up faster than real estate agents at the moment. I would love to hear your thoughts. Current example, in fact only example is I invested close to 10 thousand USD into the VENT token (admittedly at a high price, but things go up and done so I will not touch that point) but in their very first offering it has guaranteed me the ability to buy one hundred and twenty dollars of this offering. It would therefore be great to hear your thoughts and I believe it is still relevant to your show as they will soon launch MELD.

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