1. <The year 2021 has been like a rollercoaster so far. The markets started off with a bang, with Redditors gathering and shaking up Wall Street by trading Gamestop stocks. Then, Bitcoin started spinning the charts up and down, Ethereum surprised pretty much everyone with its price hikes, altcoins started booming like never before (just think about DOGE), new market actors even rushed in to join the race. After all this, if you are still on the fence about getting in because you are worried that it’s too late to get started then you have to trade with the guidance of a professional In three weeks of trading I have been able to make 9 btc using signals from Matt Corallo. He can easily be reached on Telegram@MattCorallo

  2. Man Look at the on chain data wales are selling to flush the leverage out the market. Look at the liquidation there are from 58k-60k i think the Price will drop to this Levels bevor Wales buying again. Then were ready for the 10k day candles

  3. Crypto trading is really profitable, I'm making good profits from Bitcoin and I'm no longer waiting for the GRANT LOAN because I earn $10,000 every 7 days recently.

  4. The market will be very Favourable now due to the rapid growth of Bitcoin which is $64k, The rich won't disclose it so don't be fooled, it's right time to invest, Christmas is on the way

  5. Bitcoin lost volume, it can’t break the $67k if no big companies buy more bitcoins
    It will go to $53k and then go up after a month to $70k
    It will not go $98k as most people says that quick

  6. Understandably,the purpose of buying dividend stocks is to maintain a steady cash flow but dividends are slow if you're not yet retired. I have a couple dividend stocks. I've rather opted for a more aggressive approach and so far i've made over $305,000 in raw profits from just q1 of 2021. Investing has no one way to it.

  7. @MMCrypto love your content and I've been enjoying your videos since I got into btc last year. I'm wondering if you think we're in the handle of a larger cup and handle dating from April 14 to October 18?

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