1. Just my opinion, acumulate tickers HUT and HIVE on weakness. Both of these companies are profitable. Invest in Bitcoin without having to buy Bitcoin outright. As of this writing in the last 52 weeks Bitcoin is up more than 400% so there will be pullbacks and profit taking.

  2. I've been unsure about the market due to volatility, at the same time I still feel it's the right time to make profit cos of the price decrease, heard someone speaking of making over $300k within 6 months and I'm driven to ask what techniques/skillset is needed to achieve this.

  3. The Truth is Bitcoin is a Slow Energy Hog; Even China Shut Down the Massive Power Hungry Mining Operations! BTC is a Digital Dinosaur (Pending Extinction).
    Check out the Shiba Inu Token on the Lighting Fast Ethereum Network. Our Dog has been Running Hard (Up +20M% YTD). Shiba's Next Stop $100B Market Cap.

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