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  2. every time I listen to Willy talking about this stuff I get a gut feeling that we are not going to have another bear market related to the halvening. The changing (changed) supply pressures with the increasing exposure to financial markets kind of screams that we may have an extended (infinite even) bull market interrupted only by temporary FUD/large scale disruption related corrections.

  3. Thanks for amazing interview! Always such a pleasure listening to your both Willy and Preston! I'd love to hear Preston's and Willy's thoughts on market cap to thermocap ratio available in glass node studio under the miner section. Looks that this ratio has been predicting market tops quite accurately over last 10 years. Would you agree? Would you think the ratio still remains accurate in the future?

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  5. From 15-24 min “coins at 5 months are starting to age”
    That was exhausting.
    Mr Woo is either great at saying nothing deliberately like a politician, or he really is saying nothing.

  6. Notice how willy most usually looks up into the ether for the words he's trying to figure out, notice all brilliant Minds do this as if searching for the right ideas and words in the heavens… Willy is insightful, a good man.

  7. every time I listen to willy woo interviews…its amazing how he can say so much without saying ANYTHING at all….lol…what a wonderful bullshit artist…I love him.

  8. right on willy!
    futures ETFs destroyed the precious metals markets. i fear the same will happen in the crypto market. i was hoping chain analysis would out the bad players, but i don't see that happening… yet

  9. Can anyone summarise the concrete points made here?

    I don't have time to listen to another 1 hour "umm… Errr… Well….." session with little to no definite commentary.

    If I'm wrong, please summarise the bullet points of his analysis.

  10. Glad you touched on price manipulation via ETF. The way gold has gone is a tragedy IMHO, would hate to see btc go the same way. Please explore this in depth in future video, I have a lot of faith in greedy powerful groups' abilities to find ways to manipulate markets. Give me peace of mind!

  11. So much sense making in this. Especially risk… it ain't the volatility it's in the qualities. Btc has so many solid qualities that dare I say it, it's near risk free! (Not financial advice)

  12. The price of bitcoin was gradually heading south📉 following the all-time high reached last week. It failed to continue above $67,000 and lost $7,000 in just a few days.

    The asset managed to recover some ground and neared $64,000 earlier this week, but it was stopped once more. This time, the bears took complete control and pushed BTC south hard.

    In a matter of hours, the cryptocurrency lost more than $5,000 of value. As such, it dipped to $58,000, which became the lowest price point in two weeks.

    BTC initially struggled to recover but has spiked by $1,500 in the past few hours and is above $61,000📈 once again. Consequently, the asset’s market capitalization has reclaimed $1.1 trillion, but the dominance over the altcoins is down to 44.5% after touching 47% days ago.

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  13. I don’t think Willy got what Preston was saying about futures. The real answer is that cash settled futures will fail. They only work for metals and other commodities because people DONT want delivery. Once physical settled futures become available, demand for these contracts will evaporate in a downward cycle.
    Same with physical settled. Who would be dumb enough to sell futures on a parabolic asset?

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