1. EFF FB! You cant have or manage a currency while banning and suspending people that don't think the same way they do. A currency should be for all people. Not just sheep.

  2. They keep talking about meta verse but don’t talk about meta hero even tho it’s gone from .005 to .17 cents in the last 3 months, hope y’all got a bag while y’all could

  3. Love the show and you are making a difference in my life as I am a rookie in the assets class. First time I've seen you get pissed. I am glad you checked that dude. Keep up the good work!

  4. 5 reason why Facebook is not more powerful than than the Government. 1. Facebook doesn't have an army. 2. Facebook can't collect taxes. 3. Facebook doesn't have the power to put people in prison. 4. Facebook can't print their own money. 5. Facebook doesn't have their own Supreme Court System where their final judgement is Law.

  5. I have a question , is there beef between alt coin daily and and Ben Armstrong if so why have him on your videos this is the second video I notice weird tension the way Ben talks to him

  6. Dude best new nft project backed by a billionaire actually hiring Disney and Netflix talent. “Impact theory founders keys” you’ll get access to him, free nft air drops!!!!! All the good shit! He has physicists working on avatars lol! Going to be so massive

  7. Nice pivot away from discussing XRP and your public declaration that the Ripple v SEC case would be settled by now. Are you going to admit your “insider information “ was bogus or are you going to triple down?

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