1. Great video, i make huge profits on my investment since i started trading with Mrs Bella Mason, her trading strategies are top notch coupled with the little commission she charges on her trade.

  2. Bitcoin is technology and as such can be replaced by another technology – there is no there there except the hope someone will buy it from you or someone allows you to purchase something. China not allowing its people to own Bitcoin makes their people invulnerable to any harm done to bitcoin. This will allow China to work out a method using quantum computing to destroy a lot of wealth in the west and disrupt commerce that uses bitcoin. China is not the only entity that may be motivated to mess with the west (hey that rhymes). These are only some of the weaknesses.

  3. ETFs, literally derivatives, fake Bitcoin, will kill the Bitcoin price and allow it to be manipulated in the same way Gold and silver are manipulated, that is, the price is suppressed. Native Bitcoin is deflationary, it has a limited supply. These banker criminals will multiply supply many times through their fractional derivatives (paper) bitcoin. Wake up people; everything these charlatans get their hands on they kill, why can you not see this?
    Also, your references to the "solution" and Churchill in virtually the one sentence shows your utter ignorance of true history. Hollywood has achieved.

  4. "Im bullish Bitcoin" also, "regulators are picking winners", "ETH or some altcoins can be the "Killer". I smell exactly where your money is parked at. 😀

  5. Next to China, Iran, North Korea, Syria, and one or two others, the U.S. has the most authoritarian Crypto regulation on the planet. What does that say about this supposed bastion of free market Capitalism? It's a fraud. We are a command and control economy.

  6. The reason we 'Bitcoin maxis' don't like alts have NOTHING to do with your silly explanations.

    We're here for the "fix the money fix the world". Whilst you greedy traders are pushing scams to make a quick buck.

    We are NOT the same.

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