1. How
    would the 1-2-3 correction after the ending diagonal play out?? Would this be a really crazy correction to the 10K range? or deeper?? Thanks for sharing this video Jim! 👌

  2. While I disagree with your wave count, I disagree less than I do with Alessios' "correction". At least I'm in agreement with your conclusion. I believe this is 5 of 5, but I believe the top will be coming in around 75,000 – 80,000, not 100,000. In fact I believe the high we set on the 20th and the pull back that followed is the beginning of another Wyckoff distribution pattern. If we get another step down on the 4 hour, towards 57,000, and it's followed by a second peak slightly higher, I'll have confirmation. I'm glad to finally see someone cover this. Thanks. Every analyst seems to be a moon boy with crazy, unrealistic expectations.

  3. Thanks jim ……for the best You Tube channel out there . I have watched them all for years. Your TA and hard work is Very much appreciated. Thanks man.

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  5. Thank you for the video, I have a question though, if the major 5th wave is going to be an ending diagonal, it's subwave structure should be 3,3,3,3,3, isn't it? I can't count 3,3,3,3.. so far.. can you please expalin..

  6. Excuse me sir.may i ask your personal opinion.are u prefer bullish to 100k or bearish under 30k for this market.because to make btc go to 100k need much money especially for this crisis situation like now

  7. Could you do one for XRP pls!
    BTW I agree with this count, i saw alessio's video and noticed things wrong about it! Thanks for the video!

  8. What you say about RSI is correct, but then, also in the macro count at the end of the video, the RSI of wave 3 would be the lowest. You can see how how the RSI of the last ad current proposed wave 5 is higher than the 3rd?! And this , as far as i know, mean that the count is incorrect… wave 5 should have an RSI lower than wave 3, as you correctly mentioned. The count is not easy, in every chart i have, actually, the RSI of proposed wave 1 of the supercycle (end of the video) is the highest… so, maybe, we are in a big wave 3 yet ?

  9. It’s amusing how some clowns think that randomly and subjectively drawing 5 lines on a chart is considered TA 🤡🤡🤡🤡🤡 Perhaps only on Idiot Wave Theory.

  10. Jim, you have a such a great way of dumbing it down when you talk about Elliot wave. Tons of Elliot Wave channels out there, but so many times they teach in a way that is not so easy to comprehend. You're that "beer drinker" in a room full of Bourbon and Wine drinkers… the teacher in a University who's class is always overbooked. So glad I found this channel! Keep it up!

  11. Thank's Jim You are the top Elliott Wave TA on Y.T. Alessio is a great guy but when it comes to getting the count correct I have always liked Jim of All Trades the "Hippo dose a good job also

  12. Excellent Jim! YouTubers working together to bring Elliot Wave analysis to mainstream for the common good. I especially love the part where it is not disparaging, but rather encouraging and informative. Well done. Hope to see more of this in the future….

  13. Yeah i see it the same Way but im not sure about overlaps between wave one and four in this ending Diagonal; have it to happen ( rule) or is it just a guideline?? Which Target did you see for this minimum 3 Year Bearmarket??? I see 3k up to 10k coming

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