1. Yikes Steve…. $1,900….. sure aren’t trying to help the little guys and gals. Here’s a tip…. maybe break up the indicators to pick which ones we want….. and with these prices ($1900 – $3800) are you trying to sell as little as possible..? At a lower price point you’ll make 100’s of $1,000’s more….

  2. Steve ..I'm just gonna say it now
    We're going green for October
    Plain and simple
    This world is going through a resource redistribution
    The world is getting tf out of the dollar 💲
    Where TF do you think it's gonna go ?
    My babblefish and probability drive already told me .. BUY THIS DIP NOW

  3. I have tracked every 6th day after the CME close dates YTD. BTC averages a 7.38% increase or 2977 dollars higher on the Saturday after the last Friday of the month. So we shall see how we end up on October 1st.

  4. Steve i m looking to buy your indicator but can you let me know if i get alerts on my phone straight away or i have to myself buy and sell limits and after that i receive them on my phone. I also se you email but i didn't get any response

  5. Can't you show us all about these indicators show us a demo or something its jst soo pricey for someone in my position and if that's only half price then I'm screwed if those indicators don't actually work
    What are the percentage rates your getting with these?

  6. How this indicator actually works? Do i have to set up by my own buy and sell limit and then i receive text message when to buy or i just receive message when to buy and sell? Does anyone know?

  7. Hey steve, i am a huge fan, been following for 5 months now, can i use your indicator for any coin because there is bitcoin season and altcoin season, i want to get in, i need help!! Thanks

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