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  2. Personally I would have 15 to 20 all in defi. I wouldn't care what the interest rate was as long as they gave me great insurance.

    Then I would just live a regular life, and just be smiling all the time. No matter what FUD came my way.

  3. Billionaires don't "risk" their money. They're already living extremely obscene lifestyles. All they want are "risk free" safe places where the billions become trillions!

  4. ‘The bow draws back to release the arrow into the sky’ …..🏹….🌎

    Bitcoin and Litecoin reward halving supply shock on its way, ‘second wave’ rally moving into play 🎃

    2012 and 2016 halvings preceded the exponential ‘double bubble’ 2013 and 2017 price surges!

  5. Someone on Twitter bought $BTC in the 20K's during the Flash Crash (limit orders were hit)…..I wish I had put buy limit orders at 10K….would have been up 6x in a few seconds…. 😅

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