1. The next set of Into The Cryptoverse #NFTs is here! This is the Winning! Collection. Three similar videos with slightly different endings (Each with different music). Times are better for our astronaut navigating the cryptoverse. Artwork by Luke Dillon. "We're keeping the "scheduling my interview" astronaut up until Halloween! All of these NFTs not purchased by then will be burned."

    Scheduling My Interview (https://bit.ly/3AYiTsz) – 1,000 copies

    Getting Out Of Bed (https://bit.ly/3C5579a) – 100 copies

    To The Moon (https://bit.ly/3G0LyAZ) – 10 copies

  2. Blockchainbacker says 75k top. I dont know who to believe fully but I think you're more correct. It makes no sense to have 2 runs and on 2nd run barely pass previous ath on second run.

  3. I fucked up and recently lost all my bitcoin 🙁 it was entirely my fault, I entered my seed phrase on a software wallet like an idiot.

    I still have my alts on exchanges, but this just hurts so much.

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