1. Small blockers always try to do things to try to get their blocks bigger. 
    Bitcoin is like those people with a bunch of tattoos but is never done getting tattoos or never fishes the tattoo project they started. 
    Yes break it more. 😂🤦‍♂️

  2. How is faster and safer transactions along with smart contracts going to help the holders who aren’t spending it? 
    Let’s think about this, who is going to transact with $1 if they thought that it was going to be $100 tomorrow? They wouldn’t they would just hold it.
    so what good is a system to help spend and sell it if nobody is selling?

  3. Its not just miners that need to signal acceptance. Miners wanted BCash updated to happen on main chain and the nodes rejected it, which is why there was a hardfork of Bitcoin Cash and not a update on the Bitcoin chain.

  4. So basically Jimmy is stuttering through trying to say we're going backwards to where we royally fucked the protocol with segwit where as BSV the real bitcoin is miles ahead of you… and even then it's not even gonna be close to the tech and capacity on the REAL bitcoins chain…

    Ps. Love how he says 70 bytes is a lot of data😆

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