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  2. Thank you for the TA hoping this year we could go all the way to 180,000 appreciate the TA, waiting for Bitcoin to hit 58,000 before I jump in, thank you my brother

  3. Bitcoin trying to break through the last level of resistance. Once we're above $60K, be ready to see some real FOMO price action. Also, weekly RSI currently at 62.834. We want it above 65k. Let's get it bulls this upcoming week will be great

  4. I bought bitcoin under $50,000. I also bought bitcoin under 40k, under 30k, under 20k, under 10k & even under 5k. Been dollar cost averaging regularly every pay day for years. My friends & workmates used to laugh at me. They’re not laughing now. I’ve lost count of how many have said they should have listened to me. Just “stack sats & chill.” 😆

  5. I started DCA at 10k in September 2020, then blew my load at 17k right before it went to 20k, then again at 36k and 46k… and was worried that I didn’t buy the dips low enough. now I have whole BTC and feeling pretty content about it all.

    I’m pretty sure it I averaged it all out, I spent around $28k for a whole btc.

  6. ETF news is incredibly bullish. I think we will see faster adoption in the near future. Blockchain-based AI projects might pump more in this process. I'm watching the AWO because Aiwork is almost the only project that is doing blockchain-based data processing. Hold your bags tight. Q4 will be epic for the crypto space. ^^

  7. Bought my first bitcoin back in 2018 for $ 3800 and dca until it hit around $ 12 K. I did a no no and bought a bunch of btc with some of my credit cards, I figured what is more valuable….fiat or btc ? I would not recommend doing what I did BUT it sure did work out for me ! What to do to be successful ? DCA and HODL….patience and persistence, you can't go wrong with btc and eth and maybe a handful of others. GLTA, God bless

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